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Testimonials | Information for Home bound patients
What do you expect from your doctor?

Do you expect your doctor to call you back right away, and even give you access to his personal cell phone number any time, day or night?

Do you expect your doctor to make the extra effort and try to arrange for a direct admission to the hospital so that you can avoid the emergency room altogether?

Do you expect your doctor to review all test results personally with you and/or your family as soon as the results are available?

Do you expect your doctor to come to your house or office if you are too sick or too busy to get out?

Do you expect your doctor to make emergency house call visits?

Do you expect your doctor to respect your time and not make you wait in a waiting room?

Do you expect your doctor to spend as much time as you need with him and answer all your questions?

Do you expect your doctor to treat you like family?

If these expectations sound unreasonable to you, you do not need to call us. Any Medicare or HMO provider could probably meet your needs.

However, if you DO expect to be treated like a human being, if you want a doctor who respects your needs, your time and your privacy, my practice may be the one you have been waiting for.

My name is William Song and I am a board certified internist practicing in Bergen County, New Jersey. I have been providing outstanding personalized service to North Jersey residents since 1996. I treat patients exclusively in the privacy of their own homes or at Hackensack University Medical Center, making my practice ideal for the senior citizen who is home bound, or the busy executive who has no time to sit around in a waiting room.

While doctors are only human, I believe that it is not unreasonable to to expect your doctor to go the extra distance, to be your personal advocate.

Call our office now to schedule an in home consultation.



About Dr. Song:

Hospital affiliation: Hackensack University Medical Center.

College: Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
Medical School: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, New Jersey Medical School, Newark, New Jersey
Residency: St. Luke's/ Roosevelt Hospital Center New York, New York.
Board Certification: Internal Medicine

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